Is it safe to add money to the wallet of the app?

It’s totally safe and secure to add money to the wallet.

The transactions are carried by the best available industry and are very easy and smooth and all the details provided by you are totally safe and secure with us.

What are the different modes of payment through which I can add money to the wallet?

You can add money to your wallet through UPI, bank account, wallets, credit cards and debit cards.

I can’t see my preferred payment option to add money on the app?

All the major payment modes are supported i.e., UPI CREDIT CARD DEBIT CARD WALLET BANK ACCOUNT. If you still facing problem in your transaction reach us at

How can i add money to my wallet?

You can add money in the wallet balance section of the app. Go to wallet balance enter the amount you wish to add click on add money select your preferred transaction method and add the money to your wallet.

Are the card details or any bank details provided by me to your app safe and secure?

Yes, all the details provided by you are completely safe and secure with us.

I can’t withdraw the money I deposited into my wallet?

The amount that you deposit in your wallet can only be used to play games in the app. You can withdraw your winnings anytime you like.

How can I withdraw money?

Withdrawing money was never as simple as it is in Taksaal play. Your winnings balance is the amount that you can withdraw. You should have at least a balance of minimum 50rupee in winnings to make a withdrawal. You can use either your UPI address or bank account details to withdraw the winnings balance. It is fully secure and safe to withdraw the money. You can find the withdraw tab in the wallet balance tab. Click on it and enter the amount you want to withdraw and enter your UPI id or bank details to withdraw the money.

What is bonus and why can’t I withdraw it?

When you register on the app you get some amount to play and some bonus points. A portion of your bonus is utilized when you join any game. You can’t withdraw the bonus but you can convert it to deposited cash whenever there is an offer to do so in the app.

Where to get the details of the previous transaction on the app?

Open the app and navigate to the wallet balance tab. open it and in the wallet balance tab, you will find the transaction history tab in which you can see your transaction history.